2.6 Who is responsible for this site?

This site is developed and maintained by Dr. Tjeerd Andringa in collaboration with an odd assembly of friends. Dr. Andringa is associate professor in Sensory Cognition at Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Engineering (ALICE) of the University of Groningen. This is Andringa’s hobby project, that is not specifically endorsed nor supported by the University of Groningen.

As hobby-project it becomes more and more intertwined with Andringa’s research on fundamental cognitive science and sensory cognition. The reason for that is that (geo)political responses seems, just as audition, to rely quite strongly on subcortical (brainstem) processing that determine safety. In fact the first stages of auditory processing seem to search for indicators of safety (see this paper. And the absence or presence of (audible) safety strongly influences how we respond to the world. This might well the deepest evolutionary basis of the authoritarian dynamic that plays a core role in this site.

T.C. Andringa