2.1 Open source science

This site is an open source science project.

Being “open” source research entails a number of things

  1. The whole projects, with typo’s, suboptimal formulations, and mature and immature ideas is visible to everyone.

  2. Everyone can contribute to improve the site with ideas and text suggestions. There is an editor (in chief) who takes responsibility for the site. Contributions by others will be attributable to the contributor.

  3. Like collaborative open source software you have to vet the quality yourself since you cannot sue a company or so for producing (free) low quality software. Usually there is no company and if you don’t like the software in its current state you can adapt it until you do like it. Same with open source science.

  4. Much of open source software is in the form of parts of programs that can be reused for all kinds of purposes (most of which never envisioned by the original creator). The same holds here. This site a large number of summary tables and graphs that can be used as you see fit. See the licensing below.

  5. The research project aims to collaborate with other activities that comply with any open research, journalism, or open intelligence approaches.

  6. The website attempts to make closed or otherwise not easily accessible key scientific information and insights available to a wider public. Most researcher nowadays prefer open-access publications and/or provide copies on their website or elsewhere. If possible links will be made to publicly available versions.

  7. This is an open research project because it is essentially not defined as a project for a particular research domain. Really important scientific insights proof their worth in other domains than the domain that formulated them first. This research project searches for these deep and powerful insights and tries to give the researchers and deep-thinkers that formulated them the credits they deserve.


This website is licensed in the spirit of Copyleft Freedom 3. This entail that you have the freedom to modify the work, and the freedom to distribute modified and therefore derivative works as long as you attribute to this website: www.geopoliticsandcognition.com


All the page names (except www.geopoliticsandcognition.com) can change without prior notice. So if you want to refer to a stable page please use the contact form.