2.2 How to read this site?

This side is designed to be read in multiple ways:

  1. Section-level reading leads you to a number of introductory summaries of the content of the subsections. This provides an overview of the basic ideas and some summaries of key-conclusions. Simply follow the blue links to integer-numbered sections at the top and bottom of each page.

  2. Subsection-level reading leads to the justification of the top-level summaries and it provides scientific details, arguments, and justifications. This form of reading is a bit like reading a book by following the non-integer subsection links on each page. The arguments are (ideally) presented in a sensible order, but some information, that otherwise fits well with the topic of a later section, is sometime necessary. This information is linked with wiki-style links.

  3. Wiki-style reading. This facilitates a — typically seemingly unstructured — interest-guided approach that is facilitated by the numerous internal links. This approach is however encouraged because there is no more effective way to learn than via interest guided learning.

  4. Reading the whole website on a pdf-reader using this pdf. Note this is yet far from optimal due to file conversion issues (html to pdf with functioning links, weird characters, figure sizes, page numbers, etc.) and it will not be updated as often as the rest of the site.

  5. Printing out the website-pdf and reading it in a traditional way (110 pages).

  6. Any combination of the above.

When browsing this site you will see a number of defunct links like [this link]. These are basically reminders to be linked-up later as more text becomes available.