8. Geopolitics at home

For a paid service, you pay with money
For a free service, you pay with freedom.

If you think that geopolitics is something for world leaders could not have been more wrong. Geopolitics starts, ends, and is decided in everyday life. There is truly no more important geopolitical environment than the environments you frequent daily. It is in your mundane everyday life where you empower or disempower yourself. Karl Sandsberg’s “Sometime they’ll give a war and nobody will come” is not something to be decided in an office, but at home, at work, at school, in cafes, at sports clubs.

And this is one of the bigger (open) secrets of our world: without us participating in games in which we are not the ultimate beneficiaries there will be no wars, no organized oppression, no dictatorships. We are the fools that participate in the things that we detest and do not want to happen to ourselves.

By realizing how foolishly we participate in games we do not understand we set the first step towards empowering ourselves. By blaming ourself instead of the government or other authorities we take control over our life and destiny. It is so much easier to change or educate yourself than to change or educate others.

This clip from the BBC series ‘Yes Minister’ show humorously how important it is for the established power centers to prevent the people from discovering they have real influence.

This Section is about “geopolitics at home” and it addresses key-geopolitical processes that influence practically in all aspects of daily life and that can pop up at any moment. In fact geopolitics at home can be positively revolutionary activity.

This section will be expanded in due time. Currently it focuses on bureaucracy as an example of geopolitics at work. Understanding the psychological processes that underly bureaucracy is probably the best possible introduction in the how societal wide dictatorship and cognitive globalization and localization works.

The typical place where geopolitics should be discussed and decided is the kitchen table. Traditionally this table had a newspaper. Since more and more independent media have been gobbled-up by huge media conglomerates the current owner-class only has to ensure that intelligent (and generally good-looking) authoritarians dominate their organizations. The result is highly predictable self-censorship concerning attacks on authorities and in times of crises blatant self-endorsed propaganda. See Propaganda and self-censorship in the media.

Alternative media

The alternative media is the refuge of the libertarian thinking and acting journalist and media-maker. Part of the Western alternative media is quasi alternative in the sense that they receive money from “charities” (with a disempowerment agenda) or other governments. Typical examples are Democracy Now! and Russia Today. These deliver propaganda or counter propaganda, but this can be of very high value and of great depth.

High quality Alternative Media
Alternative media Description
Corbett report Highest quality, broad and informed analyses
Global research Probably the best and most comprehensive alternative media site. Use the archive!
Washington’s Blog Information in context. Some very good news in context analyses.
Zero Hedge Economic news
The intel hub Another news aggregator.
Sibel Edmonds’ Boiling Frogs Some very high quality news analyses and geopolitical background articles and podcasts. Worth a subscription.
The people’s book project Book writing project by an excellent young researcher Andrew Gavin Marshall (listen to his podcasts on Boiling Frogs
Red Ice Radio and its member’s site Highly recommended extended interviews with often conflicting interpretations about everything from new-age, via (fringe) science, to geopolitics.
Media Monarchy Podcast currently on hiatus.
Gnostic Media Highly interesting podcasts on a wide diversity of topics. Some great work on organized religion and ideology (such as NEw Age)as mind control.
Project Censored Yearly selection of the most censored media stories. A living proof of the core problems of the mainstream media.
Cryptogon.com Valuable resource of information and perspectives that have been ignored, covered up or otherwise belittled by government, media, and corporations.
Complete 911 timeline Invaluable timeline to show the real complexity of the events that culminated in the media on 9/11, 2001. The mother site, history commons, is tool for open-content participatory journalism

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Section overview

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